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Toxin ALERT!

Tips for preventing Vomitoxin in livestock feed

  • Vomitoxin is a mycotoxin naturally produced by fungus in the form of molds in plants that may able hazardous to human and animal health if consumed in the feed.

  • Typically the most susceptible species are pigs and cattle.

  • Clinical signs -

  • Cattle: reduced feed intake and milk production followed by diarrhea and metabolic issues

  • Pigs: reduced feed intake and decreased growth along with vomiting and reproductive issues.

  • In the corn crop the ears can get moldy due to a cool wet growing season or a dry growing season followed by wet weather.

  • In wheat the mold is most often produced during warm and wet weather at the time of harvest.

Example of ear rot consistent with production of DON
Watch for partly bleached heads on wheat

  • Testing of your feedstuff can be done at your local Southern States.

  • Contact your local extension agent for information about how to collect appropriate samples of feed for testing.

  • The best prevention method is testing the feed before outbreaks and production losses occur in your herd. Take action to improve your herd today.

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