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Yak attack......

This is the story of a little buckling named “Benedict.” He is the son of his mother “Egg” who was treated for Mountain Laurel toxicosis 2 days before his birth. Heavily pregnant Egg was on a walkabout when she and her friend, “Banana,” spotted a nice green patch of Mountain Laurel, one of the few green plants in the forest during the winter. They enjoyed their snack and several hours later their tummies began to ache - and they began to vomit, and vomit and vomit until the walls were covered in vomit.

Dr. Melinda was called by Egg and Banana’s owner at Clover Top Creamery to give them some medical attention when the vomiting failed to cease after 12 hours. She had given them some pain medication and made them comfortable, but dehydration was becoming a concern for her big pregnant girls. Both does received IV fluids, more pain medication, and antibiotics to prevent aspiration pneumonia. No charcoal could be given at that time because of the persistent vomiting.

Egg returned to food slowly, built up some strength and birthed little "Benedict" 2 days after treatment. Banana required further, more intensive treatment after vomiting for 4 days and delivered twin boys, 2 days after her labor was induced.

All goat moms and kids are doing well and even though it was such a fiasco - would go right back out there and eat Mountain Laurel again if given the chance!

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