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When the weather outside is frightful...

The New Year has brought us some insanely frigid temperatures. Here are a few simple tips to keep yourselves and your animals warmer…

  • Offer animals water twice a day. Taking them warm water helps increase consumption. Some people use an electric water heater in their buckets. Water is even more important than food in keeping an animal from freezing because it improves their circulation.

  • Keep plenty of good hay freely available to livestock. When an animal ruminates they generate a lot of internal heat. Sheep and goats waste a lot of hay, don’t try to feed the wasted hay, just let them use that for bedding.

  • Provide wind breaks any way you can. Also, work hard to reduce drafts.

  • Use plenty of deep bedding in the barn. Straw makes nice bedding because animals can nestle down into it.

  • Give sick or anemic animals plenty of Tender Loving Care. These animals may need supplemental vitamins and extra feed and water.

  • For yourself, stick a hot hand warmer in each coat pocket to warm your hands in between chores.

  • In between watering and feeding your critters, drink warm fluids and eat warm food yourself. A wise person once told me you can’t do a good job taking care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.

Hang in there through this cold spell. Even though your animals can’t talk they do appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Please let us know at Louisa Veterinary Service if we can help you and your animals weather the weather!

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