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"Scoring One for the Beef Industry"

This past weekend I was honored to be invited to a beautiful beef farm deep in the heart of Rapidan to speak to the UVA Women's Lacrosse team. I was very proud of my client and friend for inviting this group of hard-working student athletes to take a ride off their Charlottesville campus and spend part of a sunny fall Sunday learning about how their food is produced. I think these young women were surprised to learn only 2% of our country produces the food for 100% of us! With our population growing at a rapid rate, costs

UVA Women's Lacrosse Team

rising everyday and environmental issues (such as global warming) farmers face multitude of challenges. I urged these intelligent ladies not to believe everything they hear or read about agriculture and food production that put them in a negative light. My client and I encouraged the group to visit farms and to ask educated people in their respective fields questions. The ladies got to pet cows, bottle feed calves and tour the farm. It was fantastic to see this tightly bonded team of bright young ladies expanding their view of agriculture and the world!

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