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Running from Parasites...

Barber Pole Worm

With Spring in our rear view mirror and Summer fast upon us it is a good time to be sure your herd has been dewormed. Deworming your herd can be done through injectable, pour-on, drenches and paste. Multiple dewormings are needed throughout the year. You will be unsuccessful in completely ridding parasites from grazers, but management plays a huge role in your herd health. Parasites can negatively impact your herd; indications can be weight loss, anemia and ill thrift.

Don't forget the external parasites you see everywhere, "The Fly." Fly tags are commonly used in cattle, however, there are also sprays, pour-ons and back rubs. Fly tags are

rotated each year due to the possibility of flies developing resistance to products. Currently, we have three chemical types available: pyrethroids, organophosphates and tolfenpyrad. Fly tags are typically effective for three months. There are spray-on products, especially for your small ruminants as well as environment treatments.

The type of herd you have, along with the size and pasture all vary so there is no one protocol for deworming. Protocols depend on the number of animals you have, species, amount of pasture and the products you have used in the past. It is also important to consider your ability to rotate grazing lots.

We strongly encourage you to be proactive rather than waiting on the herd or flock to become anemic and poorly conditioned before starting a treatment.


Let us develop a good deworming

protocol for your specific herd!

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