October 1, 2019

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February 5, 2020

    Rarely do I see a goat live to approach 20 years old, nor do I see the dedication of an owner to help them get to that age with such dignity.  It is with a heavy heart, and a shout out to Jane, that we say goodbye to JJ - keep groovin on!

 “I first bought...

October 1, 2019

As we all know Central Virginia has not received appreciable rainfall now in nearly 8 weeks in some counties.  This is a scary fact and it is going to affect us all.  Here are a few thoughts to consider regarding maintaining your livestock in drought conditions....

July 23, 2019

 With record high temps expected for the Summer here are a few tips for helping your animals avoid heat stress...

  •  Remember that the animal's core body temp stays

     elevated until very late at night...if you need to handle an animal or treat a sick animal, do...

March 4, 2019


Spring may not be here, but the stomach worms are, and they are in record numbers!  We typically start thinking of doing the Spring deworming when the days start to get longer and warmer and the grass starts to get green.  This year I am urging you to re...

January 8, 2019

Due to the record rainfall I would strongly encourage everyone to vaccinate for Clostridium.  Most of you would know this as “black leg”, but it actually contains 6 other strains of the bacteria.  Clostridial bacteria form spores so they can live a long time in the dir...

September 12, 2018

You probably thought like we did, oh the cows should do great with calving this year since there was no drought this summer...…well....so far the cows are doing pretty good, but there are some problems with all of this rain and heat!  With the increased heat the cows a...

March 5, 2018

With our crazy winter weather we here at Louisa Vet Service have seen an increased number of frostbitten tissues on animals.  Newborn babies are wet and if they are exposed to extremely cold temperatures and cold wind they can get frostbite on their extremities, usuall...

February 13, 2018


     This is the story of a little buckling named “Benedict.” He is the son of his mother “Egg” who was treated for Mountain Laurel toxicosis 2 days before his birth. Heavily pregnant Egg was on a walkabout when she and her friend, “Banana,” spotted...

January 3, 2018

The New Year has brought us some insanely frigid temperatures.  Here are a few simple tips to keep yourselves and your animals warmer…

  • Offer animals water twice a day.  Taking them warm water helps increase consumption.  Some people use an electric water heater in t...

October 25, 2017

We are seeing a lot of lice on livestock every day now.  Lice tend to take up residence more in the winter months.  Please take a few minutes to part the animals’ hair and look for the adult lice or nits (eggs).

What might lead you to check your animal for lice?

  • ...
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