Goat-bituary for JJ the Groovin' Goat

Rarely do I see a goat live to approach 20 years old, nor do I see the dedication of an owner to help them get to that age with such dignity. It is with a heavy heart, and a shout out to Jane, that we say goodbye to JJ - keep groovin on! “I first bought my little farm in 2003 and I wanted a goat. My girlfriend was going to get a goat and she picked JJ for me. He was a pistol from the minute he came here. He and Cookie killed the tree that was in their pen, tore the pen up that was made of goat wire so a new pen had to be built about six or seven years ago." "Many times I’d come home from work and he’d be standing in the driveway because he got out of the pen tearing up stuff, just very nau


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